Muslim quarter in Xian

Here the chili smells like bread
warm, just out of the oven
the streets seem just a bit more yellowish
a taste of cumin in the air
a man on the street corner with a guitar from Xinjiang
far away sounds, jammin‘ together
swirling clothes
colours bright yellow and pink, a greenish flirt
old mosques presenting an era long gone
marihuana growing on the street corner
teethless laughter
thumbs up!

and there is bread, real bread

Feldwebel im „Hippiekuschelministerium“

Und so einer vertritt das Entwicklungsministerium?? Einer, der dieses Ministerium abschaffen wollte? Dem vor allem die Interessen deutscher Wirtschaftsgruppen am Herz liegen? Mit der Militärmütze auf dem Kopf, dem Mauerstein in der Hand bricht Niebel in die Länder ein, lässt Kraftwerke bauen, schwäbische Zementfabriken errichten und misstraut und ignoriert hierbei diejenigen, die wirkliche Hilfe in ihrem Land benötigen. Je mehr ich von ihm lese und höre, desto klarer wird: Genug mit Kuscheln, dieser Minister gehört „abgeschafft“!

Lübeck nights






That daily the night falls;
that over stresses and torments, cares and sorrows the blessing of sleep unfolds, stilling and quenching them;
that every anew this draught of refreshment and lethe is offered to our parching lips,
ever after the battle this mildness laves our shaking limbs,
that from it,
purified from sweat and dust and blood, strengthened, renewed, rejuvenated, almost innocent once more, almost with pristine courage and zeal
we may go forth again
—these I hold to be the benignest, the most moving of all the great facts of life.

(Thomas Mann (1875-1955, born in Lübeck)

a little something to read

for a rainy morning in Chengdu and elsewhere …

a trip to the sea of bamboooo

to the south some more to the south
to delve into the sea of bamboo
where the crouching tiger found the hidden dragon

we, the only foreigners on the bus, of course
eyes staring at us, interested, openly, without restraint
especially at the bus stop inbetween in the middle of nowhere
young guys with sky-touching hairstyles smoking
gnawling on corn cobs.

green green green
the sea
just spread your winged arms and let go
a touch a jump a fight
standing under a roof of bamboo
a whispering and rustling surrounds us

the mushrooms we have for dinner
remind me of something i never intended to eat
and we will regret it the next day
no wobbly brain-like looking things for me in the next weeks, months, years, lives
but spicy noodles and mantou from the nice woman with the fancy cigarette display
(i should start smoking just for the packages)
children next to us bang their cards on the table
no after-school piano lessons, English revisions and ballet classes for them here

how best to end the day than with a
nice cup o‘ tea …

u smile





chinese summer

noodles and cigarettes